Northfork Farms & Outback, LLC

Kailtyn Ripley
Riding Instructor

Kaitlyn  has been riding with Northfork since she was eight years old. Kaitlyn is currently working on 9th level (business) at the farm. She has trained for the past two years with Northfork's head coach, Christie Showerman to become a riding instructor. Kaitlyn plans to attend college in the fall and brings a great passion for coaching students of all ages. 

Christie Showerman


30+ years of training and coaching. Over 65 top 2 placing at the congress, World and Nation. Camp developer and Director since 2000. Developer of the 1800's Wild West Adventure.​​

Sasha Glover
Assistant Director
Sasha started at Northfork the summer of his 2nd grade year in school as a recreational riding student. After several years he began to volunteer around the farm. Sasha was a riding instructor at Northfork for five years and then assumed the roll of Assistant Director in 2014.

Kate Davis
Riding Instructor

Hi, my name is Kate Davis. I am a incoming senior at Williamston High School and have been riding horses my entire life. In the past few years I was part of the State Champion MIHA as well as top 10 in the Nation through IEA. Kate has been coaching under the guidance of Northfork's head coach, Christie Showerman for the past year. Kate will be running our introductory classes. 

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