Northfork Farms & Outback, LLC

Birthday Parties

12,000 square feet of heated arena, petting zoo, and horse barn

Package 3

Up to 10 Kids

Up to 20 Adults

Ages 2 and Over 
 1 Hour of Activities
 Petting Zoo

Pony Brushing, Leading, and Horseback Ride


Party Rooms Included

3-Hour $400.00

4-Hour $500.00

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Deluxe Package
Up To 15 children, 25 adults

15 mins Gathering Time w/ Playset

15 min Wagon Ride Through Old West

Same Activities as Option 1 plus western games.

Includes Party Room

4 hours Total $500.00

Winter Parties

Option 1

Up to 10 Children & 20 Adults

15 mins Gathering Time with Play Area

15 min Wagon Ride Through Old West Town
30 min. petting zoo with animal feed, goat races, prizes for all
30 min. in Texas with horse or pony ride, pony brushing and leading, train
ride, bucking barrel, roping, milking station with woody, pedal tractors, Alamo maze

Includes Party Room

3 Hours Total = $400.00


Package 1

Min. of 3  and max of 6 children

Ages 8 & Over

Horse Rides 1 hour $35.00 per child
Games and Prizes 

Summer Parties

Package 2

Ages 6 and over 

Petting Zoo 30 minutes $50.00

30 minute horse ride, $20.00 per horse