Northfork Farms & Outback, LLC

Pinecone Cabins

Cabin life is one of the most important aspects of a great camp experience, and our counselors are pros at helping each and every camper feel right at home.

Our Pinecone Cabin is home base for Horse Camp participants during their stay at Northfork Farms. Cozy, comfortable, and NEWLY BUILT!  The pinecone is equipped with electricity and window air conditioning. Bunkbeds fill the room to sleep ten campers.

**NEW FOR 2016***

Northfork Farms and Outback is proud to announce the construction of new bath houses for overnight guests. The houses will include toilets, sinks, and individual hot water showers!

Accommodations for overnight campers

Camper Meals

We guarantee even the pickiest eater will enjoy mealtime at Northfork Farms! To fuel campers for the long camp day, we serve three healthy, home-cooked meals as well as afternoon and evening snacks. Our cook, who is skilled at keeping campers both happy and healthy, serves fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. If the timing is right, campers will pick their own vegetables from the farm garden!

*If your camper has any special dietary needs, please notify us when submitting your registration*

We highly encourage our female campers to participate in our overnight camping sessions. Spending the week away from home allows campers to fully engage in everything Northfork has to offer. Overnight campers often leave Northfork feeling more self-confident and connected with a new group of friends from their cabin. Cabin counselors work hard to ensure that every girl feels welcome, included, and gets enough rest to enjoy each day.