Meet the Horses

We keep 15 to 17 lesson horses for your learning needs


15 year old Haflinger Mare

Very quiet and patient with new riders,
trail rides, Levels
 works cattle,


White Sox
16 year old Paint and Miniature Horse

Drives our cart and teaches our smaller beginner riders.


15 year Pony Mare

Trail rides, speed and action,
works cattle, jumps.


12 year old Paint Mare

Loves to work cattle, great with kids,
used for all levels, jumps, trail rides.


25 year old Quarter Horse Gelding

Loves  work cattle, trail ride and show,
 great for all levels.




Daisy May
10 year old  Mare
Tennessee Walker
Trail Rides
Great for all levels



Red Bob
19 year old Quarter Horse Gelding
Show Horse
Fun to Ride
Great for all levels


  1. Christie Showerman
    30 years training and coaching, over 65 top 2 placing at the congress, World and Nation
    Camp developer and director since 2000.
  2. developer of the 1800's Wild West Adventure




  • Tessa Cristy

    Jr. Asst.
    Field Trips
    Public Outings
  • Level 8 Rider
    Senior Fowlerville High




Questions or comments can be directed to:
517-881-9142 or


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